Dr. Laura Paré, MD - Neurosurgeon Eureka, CA

Welcome to Dr. Laura Paré's site on neurosurgery and the surgical treatment of brain and spine disorders. Dr. Laura Paré is a board-certified neurosurgeon at Humboldt Medical Specialists in Eureka California, who specializes in: minimally invasive spine surgery, spine tumor surgery, complex spine surgery, brain tumor surgery, and brain and spinal trauma.

Dr. Paré provides individualized patient care by performing a detailed medical history and a thorough neurological and spine examination, carefully reviewing the patient’s x-rays, CT scans or MRIs, and then explaining her assessment to the patient.  Consideration of a patient’s wants, needs and preferences for treatment is an integral part of the discussion.  Dr. Paré then discusses an individualized plan with the patient.  If surgery is an option, different types of procedures are discussed, along with the risks and benefits of each, followed by a recommendation for the patient.

Please explore the site to learn more about her medical practice, neurosurgical treatment options, and brain and spine health.

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